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A Selection of my YouTube Videos

Enjoy this selection of videos from my YouTube channel.  Be sure to visit and subscribe to my YouTube channel to access the full array of videos (it's free!).

I love incorporating Bender Balls into a Yoga practice.  Try out my Bender Ball Sampler class.  If you enjoy Bender Ball Yoga like I do, visit my Online Shop for my selection of Bender Ball Yoga videos, Volumes 1, 2, 3 and 4 available now!

Wondering what The Original Five Tibetans is all about?  Check out this short introductory video and if it piques your interest, head to my Online Shop to order my book and/or my video course!  Note that this video is only an introduction and is not intended as an instructional video, there is a whole lot more information in my book and my video course.  

Try this short practice to help relieve lower back tension.  This can be done daily.

I have decided to open the vault and go back to my class archives, recording videos of classes I have taught over the years.  I taught this Vinyasa Flow class on February 14, 2018.  

This class moves through a series of poses that work toward full splits.  Practicing full splits is not required, there will be options and modifications given.  

One of my more popular videos.  Grab a thick Yoga block and join me!

Love Plank pose?  Me neither.  But that's OK, plank pose is a great way to strengthen the upper body and core so we will be spending a little longer in plank during this flow.  

A Little Bit of Flow, Featuring Yuna the Cat

Enjoy practicing a little flow Yoga with me and one of my three cats, Yuna.  

Energizing Hatha

Join me for a short 46 minute energizing Hatha class!

Unwind with Yin

This entire Yin practice will be done on your back.  Relax and unwind with me.