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kpoweryoga on YouTube

Enjoy this selection of videos from my YouTube channel.  For the full array of videos, click the button below to visit my channel!  I offer a variety of class formats and lengths, something for everyone!  I have about 70 videos on YouTube currently with new content being added regularly.  I am very happy to bring you free Yoga on YouTube but I do need your support, be sure to subscribe to my channel.  

kpoweryoga on YouTube

Bender Ball Yoga Sampler

I love incorporating Bender Balls into a Yoga practice.  Try out my Bender Ball Sampler class.  If you enjoy Bender Ball Yoga like I do, visit my Online Shop for my selection of Bender Ball Yoga videos, Volumes 1, 2, 3 and 4 available now!

Introduction to the Original Five Tibetans with Krista Power

Wondering what The Original Five Tibetans is all about?  Check out this short introductory video and if it piques your interest, head to my Online Shop to order my book and/or my video course!  Note that this video is only an introduction and is not intended as an instructional video, there is a whole lot more information in my book and my video course.  

Yoga for Lower Back Relief

Try this short practice to help relieve lower back tension.  This can be done daily.

Opening the Vault 7 - Vinyasa Flow

I have decided to open the vault and go back to my class archives, recording videos of classes I have taught over the years.  I taught this Vinyasa Flow class on December 30, 2015.

Progression to Splits

This class moves through a series of poses that work toward full splits.  Practicing full splits is not required, there will be options and modifications given.  

Yin/Yang Yoga 3

Beginning with long-held Yin poses and transitioning to breath-linked movement, this is a nice blend of two very different forms of Yoga.

Hatha Yoga with a Nice, Long Savasana

Grab some props and join me as we move through a Hatha Yoga practice that concludes with a luxurious 10 minute savasana!

Energizing Hatha Yoga 2

This class incorporates energizing breathing techniques and is nice for a morning practice or any time you need a little boost.

Yin Yoga - Krista's Home Sequence 2

A shorter (36 minute) practice focusing on hips and lower back.